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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 16, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. one above >> a shooting in downtown san francisco ends with two crime scenes, one above ground and one below. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm bryan hackney. brian web is on market street. >> reporter: this is where it happened about 7:00 tonight. police have left the area, but we've seen them circling the block looking for the gunman ever since and we still don't know who was shot or why. on a crowded market street as westfield mall was closing, shots rang out right outside. french tourist oscar captured the commotion on his ipad. >> he has a shoot, two shoots i soon and the man was shooting in here i think and he goes down. i don't know why. >> reporter: police tell me a man was shot multiple times on street level, wounded and
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bleeding stumbled down the escalator to the powell b.a.r.t. station which was closed for about an hour. aldo works in the mall and heard people start to panic. what did you see and hear? >> there was just a lot of people screaming and running towards the other mall. >> reporter: the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the gunman got away. b.a.r.t. was open soon after with police still piecing things together and one tourist who got more than he bargained for. one officer who was here on scene admitted to me they really don't know much about what happened. that's why they're asking if anyone saw anything or heard anything to call san francisco police. reporting from san francisco i'm brian webb, kpix5. >> again police are still combing the area for the shooter. they're asking folks to avoid that part of town. a northern california home went up in flames today on purpose. officials say it posed an explosive threat to the entire community. dozens of families were forced to evacuate their homes near redding ahead of the big burn.
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don knapp explains considering what was inside the house there weren't a lot of options. >> reporter: 10 days ago firefighters rushed to the redding area home at that time to save a machine's life after explosive material detonated while he was building model rockets. the blast took off a hand and injured an eye. after he was taken to a hospital, a bomb squad discovered a more serious risk inside his mobile home. >> the chemicals, the explosives known and unknown are unstable. >> reporter: about 60 pounds of homemade explosives so unstable according to the sheriff they could explode at the slightest touch. instead of removing them it was decided to burn east's home to the ground. >> the potential was that this house could have had a large explosion and sent out debris and caused other collateral damage. >> reporter: including the possibility of creating a forest fire and setting other homes on fire. residents of about 60 homes were told to evacuate.
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this morning firefighters torched the structure. >> they said it was kind of like a fire roadshow, a couple little explosions for about 10, 15 minutes. >> reporter: it took over an hour for the mobile home to burn to the ground, but those evacuated still aren't going home. they'll have to wait for a cooling down period while aaron waters checks to be sure it's safe. >> i'm thankful that this happened because if it did not and he was down there with all these chemicals, we could be dealing with an explosion that would have really been -- we don't know. >> reporter: i'm don knapp, kpix5. sheriff says she w >> the sheriff says east's wife is cooperating and admitted her husband was making explosives. the sheriff says she was worried he would blow both of them up. police say it could take weeks to identify a woman found burned to death in the oakland hills. they made the gruesome discovery last night at the skyline boulevard entrance to redwood regional park. the coroner says there was extreme burn damage to the body and nobody knows what happened
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so far. no arrests have been made. the skyline entrance to the park was open today. san jose police are investigating a hit and run crash that killed a pedestrian. the victim was hit near the intersection of the woods drive and snell avenue this afternoon. the driver took off and hasn't been seen since. and a horrific story out of fresno county, a man watched helpless hill as his wife and four young children -- helplessly as his wife and four young children died in a crash. the family was traveling in their ford expedition last night when another driver blew through a stop sign and slammed into them. the woman's husband was following just behind in another car but could do nothing to save them. >> the vehicle needly burst into flames somehow which was somewhat unique, but the parties were unable to get out of the vehicle. it appears the driver attempted to get out but didn't make it. >> the children's family tried frantically to free his family but couldn't get them out
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either. he's in the hospital with serious burns. the driver of the nissan was badly hurt, also. two weeks of heavy snow have created dangerous conditions across the rockies. a massive avalanche killed two skiers this weekend. we'll hear the report it's the latest in a series of deadly slides. >> reporter: search and rescue teams found the bodies of two skiers on a mountain about 80 miles south of denver. officials say the avalanche happened saturday afternoon while a group was cross-country skiing in the backcountry. three others suffered broken bops. one person has a collapsed lung. >> -- bones. one person has a collapsed lung. >> they all had beepers and everything they needed. it was just unfortunate what happened. >> reporter: record amounts of snow and warmer temperatures are creating unstable conditions. 14 people have been killed by avalanches across the mountain west since december. six of those deaths occurred last week alone. skiers are being urged to take an avalanche education class. >> we get a lot of people up here cross-country skiing all winter long. one of our biggest fears is
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just what happened. >> reporter: avalanche warnings are posted from washington state to utah. as snow continues to pile up in the eastern half of the country, the costs are piling up as well. one estimate concludes the bad weather has already cost the nation $50 billion in lost productivity. relentless storms have brought car accidents, flight delays, school and business closings and budget busting overtime for snow removal crews. >> right now we're probably about 70,000 over the salt budget. we're about 63,000 over on overtime not counting this past storm. >> as for flight cancellations they've already hit a 25 year high. over 75,000 flights never took off costing passengers an estimated $3 billion in hotels, extra meals and lost time. fi l be the tallest a massive hotel is going up in los angeles and when it's finished, it will be the tallest building west of the mississippi, but as bill whitaker shows us, it's breaking records before the
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walls are even up. >> reporter: this is l.a.'s version of the concrete truck ballet. perhaps only in hollywood can a grand production be made out of wet cement. it seems like a whole lot of hype for a bunch of concrete being poured, but then again l.a. is a city built on hype. for example. >> los angeles will be one of the greatest cities on planet earth, period, when this project is done. >> reporter: this project is a 73-story skyscraper called the wilshire grand which when it's completed in 2017 will be the tallest building west of the mississippi, a bit taller than the eiffel tower, shorter than one world trade center, puny by comparison to the burj khalif tower in dubais, the world's largest. 21,200 cubic yards, which is a
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new begin necessary world record title for concrete, conq -- new guinness toward record title for concrete. yes, here today the record was broken, 18 1/2 hours of uninterrupted concrete. that's certainly something to get hyped up about. speaking of which -- >> think of the pyramids. think of the great castles in europe. think of the cathedrals that draw your eye to the heavens. this is that kind of building. >> reporter: that building might still be a big hole in the ground but for now they have a record set in stone. mecoming today for some members of the california national guard. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. >> a lot of rebarb. heart warming homecoming today for some members of the national guard in afghanistan nearly a year and we'll see the medevac team couldn't wait one minute more to reunite with their families. [ applause ] >> reporter: it is an emotional day for more than a dozen families. tan... the membe nia national guard >> he's home safe. >> reporter: but it's a day
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they've waited for for nearly a year. >> words don't even describe it. >> reporter: after serving nine months in afghanistan the members of the california national guard unit medevac team are finally home, a unit on stand-by every day answering calls to take the wounded off the battlefields. >> always on duty medevac stand- by waiting for any call for afghani nationals all the way to obviously our personnel, the u.s. military. >> reporter: for sergeant cody weaver his first day home is the first time he's seeing his 4-month-old son wyatt. >> seeing him for the first time is amazing, truly no words to describe seeing a 4-month- old child that you've been dying to meet. >> reporter: he says his wife jennifer found out she was pregnant with their third child just a few days before he was deployed. >> so it's been a long journey with him being gone taking care of three boys, but it's worth it. >> reporter: on this first day back home the members of the medevac team say they'll catch up with family and friends.
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>> talk about all the times we missed and times we have to look forward to. >> reporter: everyone here happy the unit is home safe thanking them for the job they did for our country. >> there is no words to describe when somebody comes up to you and thanks you for saving their life and getting them off the battlefield. [ applause ] coming up a guy who works for clint eastwood didn't exactly make his boss anticipate day. >> plus seaworld attracts a big holiday weekend crowd but not exactly the kind it was hoping for. >> as if the weather wasn't causing enough flight delays, how the nose on this plane was broken at a busy u.s. airport. >> and how we're going to break the drought is another matter entirely. it's high and dry as far as the eye can see almost. the forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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holiday weekend, but we'll hear how many were trying to keep people out of the park. >> reporter: people visiting seaworld this presidents day weekend were greeted with signs criticizing the park. >> let on, orcas out of prison. >> i would like to let the whales go. >> reporter: gabriel stood alongside his mom who said she used to take him to seaworld until she realized there was animal cruelty going on. >> my first thing in going there was i was teaching him about the marine life, but as i was watching what was happening going on, something didn't feel life. >> reporter: protests have been happening for years and activists say they're gaining momentum thanks to the documentary black fish. >> made me realize what happened to her could have happened to anyone. >> reporter: released in october, it questions park operations and examines the 2009 death of a trainer in orlando. >> the movie black fish has opened the eyes of many around the world and seaworld is
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desperately trying to save their image, which is not happening. >> reporter: seaworld meanwhile is firing back. on its twitter page several tweets were posted throughout the day encouraging followers to get the facts. >> there's always a benefit to having these animals in these zoological settings. >> reporter: of. >> in a statement seaworld -- >> in a statement sea toward calls the protesters claim without merit and say there is no organization more passionately committed to the physical, mental and social care of well-being of animals than seaworld. it's never a good idea to upset the boss, especially maybe when your boss is this guy, clint eastwood. one of his employees has been arrested on suspicion of embezzlement. neil bentley morton is the manager of the tamama golf club in carmel suspected of stealing more than $30,000 of money. a hookah lounge might need approval from two steps on the border of pleasant hill and con
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-- cities on the border of pleasant hill and concord. the two neighborhoods will decide whether allowing the business will be in the public's best interest. about. >> you've got what's happening in -- interest. >> you've got what's happening in one city affecting what's happening where the boundaries of another city exists. >> that hearing is wednesday night at 7:00 at concord city hall. last weekend's rain was a welcome relief for most people in the bay. others got a nasty surprise. don forge says the misfortune is working out well for roofers. >> reporter: when the rains stopped coming down, the hot tar started going up. owner of booth & little roofing.he says waitin bite you. darren roofers across marin county are pretty popular. >> monday and tuesday are pretty busy as far as phone calls. >> reporter: yup. guess what? those roof repairs that you've put off last weekend you found them. darren little is the fourth generation owner of booth and little roofing. old says waiting will come back to -- he says waiting will come back to bite you.
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>> if they don't have to do their roof because it's a big expense, no one wants to do it. >> reporter: they'll pail the price. -- pay the price. >> yeah. because now they'll have interior business. >> work is definitely pouring in, moving lots of wet patch. lots of shingles and wet patch. >> reporter: replacing a roof is hard work. the boiling tar is dangerous, smells fantastically bad and if you're not careful, you could get seriously burned. the pros say there is only one way not to worry about a leak. >> if it's not raining, it's not leaking. look at that. it was a nice weekend to escape to the sierra ski resorts. kirkwood mountain resort sent us this video. they've gotten 4 to 6 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours. you can see there was no shortage of skiers and snowboarders eager to enjoy the
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fresh powder and sunshine, although we're only seeing one person, always a great combination. they'll probably get a little more midweek, but about that much more because we've got a weak little system that will work its way down even in the bay area by tuesday night, wednesday morning. that's about it. on the time lapse you can see seattle is getting pounded tonight, but our system has moved over baja, california, and left a few high clouds behind, but that's it, no nor on the way. readings now -- more on the way. readings now 40s and upper 50s. out the door tomorrow morning, might have patchy fog near the shoreline, but a sunny start with temperatures in the 40s around the bay and inland about 42 degrees near 8:00 tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon the numbers recover into the 60s inland and around the bay, a little cooler at the coast, but a beautiful presidents day. if you have it off in the bay area, it's going to be nice. here's what's happening. high pressure is building in
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fairly strongly, not epic like we saw a month ago, but strong enough to push the rain north. by tuesday this little disturbance comes down out of oregon state and it's going to get far enough south to. us on south -- to put us on the edge of wetness. we're going to get kind of close to the north bay with the rain. here's what's next, clear and chilly tonight, plenty of rain through tuesday and a slight chance of rain by midweek for the bay area, but it won't amount to much and that is bad news because we have extreme drought conditions posted throughout much of california. out of sfo tomorrow mostly sunny skies, winds north at 15, a high tomorrow of 60 degrees. elsewhere south land sunny, 73 degrees, denver partly cloudy, 57, snow for chicago and freezing in new york as a high. overnight lows tonight, 40 in santa rosa, 42 livermore, 44 san jose.
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presidents day dry and near seasonal with temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the low 60s, 63 degrees at mountain view tomorrow, livermore and san ramon 63, 64 oakland, san francisco 59 degrees. in the north bay numbers look good, temperatures in the low 60s, a lot of sun, not a bad day to head to the beach. it won't be warm but it will be nice, 62 at berkeley and antioch with 64 at travis air force base. extended forecast, sunny skies for monday and tuesday with increasing clouds tuesday night. that will lead to a chance of a few sprinkles in the north bay late tuesday. that could linger into early wednesday. after that high and dry thursday and friday and then as we get into the weekend, high pressure builds again, so thursday through sunday temperatures will be in the 60s, unusually warm and we'll have nothing but sun as far as the eye can see. i could go on, but now it's time for a little cross-species love. we probably have your
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blossomed between man and b. nguin at a zoo in japa you have never seen separation anxiety like this. we have to show you a new friendship that has blossomed between man and beast. >> it really is cute. a penguin in a zoo at japan has apparently fallen in love with his keep are and it follows him everywhere. as -- keeper and it follows him everywhere. as you can see, the keeper
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can't shake that guy. the video is a huge hit with nearly half a million views so far. hoops, there he goes. don't you want 1 now? bers in slot machine fashio >> it reminds me of me being part of the media course week, follow around athletes, get in there, get that question in. >> but they're going to shake you off. >> they're really running to get away from us. so you've got the all- stars? >> the all-star game. one of the great things is the fact that it's over and we get back to regular season play, especially for the ws coming up on wednesday. have i got all-stars for you. nba ballers putting up numbers in slot machine fashion. ,,,,,,,,
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2 powerful college basketba it was east meets west and? >> if you like really big guys who can fly high and dunk, i've got that for you, got it all covered for you. >> okay. >> two powerful college basketball programs, a dazzling nba all-star game, it's all in this minute. steph curry loaded up with 11 assists, here's a couple of them. kevin durant, the slim reaper and another one to blake griffin. lebron james, you knew he was going to get into the act. there's a nifty dunk for james. curry waited till the 3rd quarter to score, hit the three ball here but shot four of 14, finished with 12 points, came down to the wire. kyrie irving of the cavs hit a three to put the east up for good and took mvp honors, 163- 155 east over west.
10:27 pm
stanford went out and destroyed arizona, cardinal win 74-48 and britney boyd took over in the 2nd , 19 of 21 in the twinal 20 minutes and the bears beat -- final 20 minutes and the bears beat arizona 74- 63. and bubba out of the box, wins his first tournament since the 2004 masters today. the last job in broadcasting i have not done, i've never done sports, i'm curious. you're going to spotsdale for spring training. >> tuesday morning. >> as the constellation of things that you cover in sports from playoffs to the world series and stuff, where does spring training rate? do you love going to cover spring training? >> i like going, like the weather, don't like the long days. people say oh, wow, great you get to go, but if they knew the hours we put in while we're
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there and covered two teams, they'd back off. >> thanks for watching. see you at 11:00. ♪
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>> i had no idea when i got into that car to go to new york that i was going to be quitting. i got on the ramp, and i was like, "two hours, two hours to go. "feelin' good. crank some tunes. should have peed before i left." >> michael, get to the good part. >> okay, so. get up to building. >> mm-hmm. >> revolving door broken. >> ooh. >> so i have to take the normal door. >> oh, my god. >> at least he's in the building. >> no. no.


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